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What happens when, on the phone or instant messenger, someone needs to go (or fakes needing to go to end the conversation) and says "bye" (or a variant, or an IM shortening of it like 'cya').
The other participent says "bye"--or something-- The original person says "bye"/whatever again, and the other one responds. This can go on for minutes or longer until someone--or their parent--puts their foot down.
ExampleScreenName1: well i g2g
ExampleScreenName1: cya
SampleSNperson8: cya
ExampleScreenName1: bye
SampleSNperson8: call you later
ExampleScreenName1: l8r
SampleSNperson8: yea, cya
ExampleScreenName1: ttyt
SampleSNperson8: g2g
ExampleScreenName1: cya
SampleSNperson8: bye~~~
ExampleScreenName1: OK I HAVE TO GO NOW!!! PARENTS!!! GAH! BYE!
SampleSNperson8: OK!!! BYE!!!
by go knights July 14, 2005
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When one has good intentions of ending a conversation, but keeps thinking of more things to say. Can be one or more people "looping". Often happens in doorways or other portals.
Maria and I had such a bye loop going that I ended up spending the night.
by GoFigure September 02, 2005
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