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When quickly liking girls on Tinder/OKCupid/PoF/etc, and you accidentally match with a girl way under your standards
Steve: Dude you should have seen the disgusting fatty I matched with on Tinder
Don: Yeah I get a lot of nasty bycatch like that.
by wannabe_explorer November 23, 2014
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Any unwanted or unexpected pieces of clothing, lint, or hair that become stuck on the fingers/tongue of one who is in the act of sexually stimulating a woman either manually or orally.
Rico had to stop while performing cunnilingus on Marjorie to pick some of the bycatch off of his tongue.
by Bebe Jooga June 25, 2010
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Too inadvertently woo the friend(s) of the girl/guy one is actually pursuing.
Bro: I've been trying to get on Hannah but I think her friend Emily likes me now.

Bra: Dude, she's not a bad by-catch.
by ajax1221 September 14, 2010
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