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A strong spooky tone in ones voice when they are either trying to be funny or coniving in their ways.

People use this term when they have done something vidictive to someone else.

Sometimes used in Sesame Street when the Count is counting.
Ex 1: 1...bwhahahaha 2...bwhahahaha 3...bwhahahaha

Ex 2:

Person 1:"Hey who clogged the toilet?"
Person 2: "bwhahahaha"
by Shawty_Wanardy June 26, 2010
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This is a highly overused reply used in chat rooms and message boards when something funny has just been stated. If you use this reply, you're probably a complete moron and you need to turn your computer off once in a while.
Jimmy: Oh shit, I got semen in my eye.
Larry: bwhahahaha
Jimmy: That's not funny, it burns!
by B*Long(that's my rap name) March 29, 2008
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What a person says before starting their plan for world domination. Usually means someone that they tied up in an alligator pit and then escaped will stop the plan. Can also be a sign of madness, bad writing or a mixture of the two.
"Bwhahahaha," the evil doctor says,"No one can stop me now that I've tied up Karma Justice in my laser-sharktopus and scary kittens room!"
by hatoftimelord April 24, 2017
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