Someone that eliminates potential of having fun. Their rationale never includes the enjoyment of others.
Me: Let's go out to lunch.
Guillermo Schnell: I had McDonalds, so I'll pass and eat at my desk.
Me: You're such a buzz kill!

Me: Let's go to happy hour!
Guillermo Schnell: I spent too much last weekend on Apple products. I'm not drinking with you guys.
by cantbeblank354 October 30, 2013
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When your high on marijuana and one of your friends starts getting paranoid and saying "oh man the cops are gonna catch us doin this."
Ryan: dude this pot is so cool.
Tim: yeah man. Hey hey hey smoke weed everyday.
Ryan: yeah too bad this shit is illegal and the cops might catch us.
Tim: god dammit ryan your such a fucking buzzkill.
by shawn May 27, 2004
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When your high as a mother fucker and one of your friends starts to have second thoughts and starts bitchin
person 1 "man dude i cant beilive yall made me do this shit" person 2 "Shut the fuck up your such a buzz kill"
by AllAmericanPIMP May 25, 2004
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Should be used exclusively for the popular phrase "Wow! Buzzkill". In which case the word basically means a person who is interrupting an otherwise joyful or happy moment
Alex: "WOW! Buzzkill"

Joey; "I know right! Wtf? David Blaine! This retard just pulled out in front of me"

Alex: "He'll learn... real quick!"
by {A-dub~ Hoffizzle!} June 02, 2008
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To ruin ones social interactivity.

To silence a room using only one word or facial expression
We were all sitting there laughing and haggis said something...

Haggis is a Buzzkill
by John Doeth April 01, 2006
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justin gleen. he thinks he is deadpool.
justin:i'm deadpool!
ian:no you aren't
justin:yes i am!
ian:god damn, you are such a buzzkill.
by iambuddha December 11, 2006
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