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A form of whining which relies on popularized buzz-terms to provide some form of legitimacy to an argument instead of resolving conflict with constructive, intelligible thought with the individuals involved. Buzzbitching typically involves the generalization and condemnation of entire social demographics by emotionally stunted drama queens.
Melissa and Jim are dating. Melissa hears Jim talk about his favorite sports team. She mentions that her favorite sports team is one of their rivals. Jim asks her who her favorite player is. Instead of conceding that she doesn't actually watch their games often enough to know one of the players' names, she misinterprets this as a condescending challenge, even though he would have asked a man the same question. She internalizes her rage, later taking to social media to whine about how men are always 'mansplaining' things to her because she knows she can invoke gender privilege on a publicly visible platform and get the attention she is addicted to. Melissa is buzzbitching. Melissa and Jim aren't dating anymore.
by whiningsolveseverything July 20, 2017
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