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A messy wedgie is a wedgie in which something unusually messy is first put down the back of the victims underwear. This can be anything from a slimy food product or even mud. Anything that might be classified as messy could be used in a messy wedgie, they usually work well in regular underwear or panties.
I gave lisa a messy wedgie last night, i used some some ketchup and mustard we were using for our burgers. she freaked!
by lolsuperman June 02, 2007
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A bullying move where a jock or cool guy first dumps something slimy into the victim's underwear before giving him a wedgie. Pudding, yogurt, applesauce, whipped cream, and other sticky food items are common, especially in a school environment where jocks would typically be giving them in the bathroom during lunch. The slimy substance actually makes the wedgie sting less, but what it doesn't bring in terms of pain it more than makes up for in humiliation and discomfort. Often given before something more insidious, like a chocolate swirlie or a buttshover, as the wedgie and the mess add to the discomfort and humiliation for the victim.
I didn't want my pudding at lunch and I was bored so I went in the bathroom and caught Johnny and gave him a messy atomic wedgie. It was chocolate pudding so when I pantsed him it looked like he shit himself, and I sent pictures to everyone. He had no way of cleaning off or changing clothes; luckily he's wearing jeans today and it didn't show through so I made him pull them back up and walk around with all the pudding in there for the rest of the day. We should definitely grab him after school and give him a chocolate swirlie - then he'll have chocolate up top AND down below, hahahahah!
Nerd to his friend: I got a messy wedgie from the lacrosse bros today, they had so much leftover yogurt from their team breakfast and they put it all down my underwear and tortured me in the locker room the whole morning. They do this stuff to me every day, lots of wedgies and sometimes swirlies and it's sooooo gross, I just hope they don't give me a buttshover ever again!
Lax bro walking up smirking: What's that? You hope we give you a buttshover again? Well, guess we know what you're getting after gym class later!
Nerd: Please no!
Lax bro: Hell yeah loser! And don't even think about picking or cleaning that messy wedgie, or we'll have to have the whole team give you buttshovers!
by yikestbh September 22, 2017
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