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the best, coolest, most life changing kids tv show in the world!
We're off to button moon, follow Mr Spoon...
by Emma F January 20, 2004
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Oh my god!!!!! Button Moon...this my love's was the greatest tv program ever!!! You don't know how much I love it!!
Mr Spoon
Mrs Spoon
Tina Teaspoon
Egbert the ice-cream vendor

Oh there will never be a program like it!!!
Mr. Spoon, who lives with his family on Junk Planet, takes his daughter, Tina Teaspoon, to Button Moon. They find some talking umbrellas there and through a telescope see a hare and a tortoise having a race.

See that's just one episode!!! Ooof how I love it!!
by Stillnotperfect +) November 11, 2006
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The bejewelled parallel universe into which the observer is dropped upon administering a high dose of Dimethyltryptamine. Occuring a few seconds after the cosmic rubber band is stretched across the shortest route between the eardrums and twanged by the machine elves in mesemeric symphony, it is characterised by jaw-dropping awe at the brilliant visions of technicolour fractal gifts progressively mutating while Lawnmower Man vomits baked beans and M&Ms out of of the observer's own eyes. Reference to the Thames Television animated series enjoyed by millions of children in the 1980s, which, at 10 minutes per episode, lasted as long as a DMT trip does.
Q: Mrs Spoon, could you take the pipe from me in a moment? I'm off to Button Moon and I don't want it to drop it when the machine elves spew baked beans into my brain.
A: Of course I can, Mr Spoon.
by Movis123 October 17, 2013
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