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A yellow fruit that grows in bunches and is enjoyed by many. Synonymous with the word "banana". In 2016 the word burst onto the Internet as its replacement and has been embraced by many.
I like to start my day with some peanut butter toast and a nice ripe buttermelon.
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by LDSG Ghost May 13, 2018
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A hypothetical fruit that exists in the mind of very disturbed, sad people diagnosed with a disability known as buttermelonitis. Unfortunately, many identify them to be synonymous with bananas, but they clearly are not because: 1) bananas taste nothing like butter; 2) bananas belong in the same family as berries, not melons; and 3) any food with a "butt" in it is probably a chair, sofa, or couch and not edible.
"I packed a buttermelon for lunch today."
"Someone call 911! This man has buttermelonitis!"
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by redgelatin April 18, 2018
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