A human being (most of the time its a man in prizon) who likes another man's load to be dumped into his/her asshole.
hey man I heard on the news today that the Jonas brothers and Justin Bieber and all butter dumpsters! Im gonna go make a butter dumpster out of my wife now
by Bulletproof muhfucka August 26, 2010
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1. A slut, whore, skank or prostitute.

2. Butter = Jizz, Dumpster = Guess. (guys put a lot of butter in that dumpster

3. Usually used in a sentence to describe a woman or man you do not like, or literally a dumpster full of butter.
Scene: 2 AM at a night club

Girl 1. - Oh my god, look at that girl in her thong dancing in front of all those guys!

Girl 2. - I know! God she is more than a slut shes a---

Girl 1. - *Butter dumpster!*

Girl 2. - Your right! What a batch!
by Google_Master April 02, 2010
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