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Having loose bowels so bad that it almost all water.
I drank way too much last night, now I have a ridiculous case of butt soup.
by Jay Blalock May 28, 2008
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It like sneezing out your ass, sometimes its wet and sometimes it ain't!!
Dude, what reeks? Did you just rip open a can of Buttsoup....
by JAUBS December 24, 2003
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When a person has really bad diahrea where in they don't make it to the toilet fast enough.
Usually caused when a person who has gastrointestinitus has had to much to drink and eaten food stocks known for making green poop and/or large amounts of intestinal gas.
"Man, excuse me I gotta go!"
"What? You sick?"
(*running and groaning*)
(returns 30 minutes later.)
"Hey I got to leave."
"What? why?"
"I didn't make it onto the toilet in time and I sprayed butt soup all over the seat and the back of my pants.)
by armoroid 5000 July 17, 2009
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A catch all phrase that you use when you can't explain something.
Yo' that movie was so good....ah........buttsoup!!
by JAUBS December 24, 2003
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