The posting of gibberish to Facebook or in an e-mail because your phone is in your pocket and you somehow clicked POST or SEND.

Karen checked in at an airport then butt posted fifteen lines of random characters to her status update.
by TheRealAndOnlyChiffonade January 15, 2011
When you accidentally post unintelligible status updates on social networks by involuntarily pressing buttons on your PDA or cell phone.
"WTF was that nonsense on Facebook man?"

"Damn...musta been another butt-post...I gotta stop carrying that Blackberry in my pocket!"
by johnebbad January 31, 2010
1. The feeling just after the release of a strong bowel movement.
2. The feeling just after a successful prostate massage.
3. The feeling just after a direct interaction with a butt.
In that Post butt clarity, I looked down at my phone and I had been sitting for my entire lunch break.

I experienced an intense mind-wiping moment, followed by a post butt clarity where I realized where my hands were.

I had another post butt clarity yesterday that made me stop and think about my own health for a moment.
by Juanald definition July 16, 2021