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BUSHMURRY-short for "we are sooo cool"
Bushmurrys are people of the land. Their land is Perky Coconuts Island. their island is made from four islands which join together to have an igsignificant island in the middle where the natives live.They live in fig trees and arent very nice people at all. The number one bushmurry rule is NO INTERBREDING WITH NATIVES mop
Bushmurrys are sooo cool and natives areee sooo not.
by Courtney May 21, 2004
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The word Bushmurry or BSHMRY for short originated from the word bush maori which was then elaberated into bushmurry. If you are a bushmurry that means your are a great eeler and camper and you this also means that you dispise the NATIVES (lower class campers they live in trees unlike BSHMRY's who live in cool huts)
Katherine, Kelsi and Courtney are all Bushmurrys!!! They have anual camping/eeling camps which includes drag racing and sack draging behind ford lasers.
by Katherine May 18, 2004
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