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The bushman's blow is the act of evacuating your nasal passages in the absence of suitable catching material. Ie, blowing your nose with no hankerchief or tissue or sleeve.


1. Squeeze your nostrils together with thumb and index finger.
2. Roll your fingers one up and one down such that one nostril is opened and angled away from your face, and the other is closed.
3. Tilting your head back.
4. Exhale sharply and forcefully.

Performed correctly the bushman's blow can be propelled several metres. Performed incorrectly the bushman's blow can be propelled several cm down ones face.
I shot the opposite side of my shed with my bushman's blow.
by thehelix March 12, 2006
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the bushman's blow is performed by pressing down one nostril and blowing (as you would into a handkerchief) without a handkerchief or tissue.

if not performed correctly, snot may land on you
yuk, did you see that guy? he just did a bushman's blow all over that fence
by teh_dee November 21, 2006
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The fine art of craning ones neck forward from the body, placing one finger up or covering one nostril. A deep breath is then taken and the air is expelled at a staggering rate via the remaining nostril.

Good, practical way of cleansing ones nose when no tissues are around.
Ted, in an effort to remove stubborn mucous from his nasal passage, performed a bushman's blow into Annie's face.
by Professor Rape PhD July 28, 2003
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Putting a finger over one nostril and exhaling violently through the other, letting whatever comes out land wherever it may fall. Generally done by drug pigs to prepare their nostril so as to be able snort other people's drugs.
That fucking drug pig almost stole my shit again but i heard her bushmans blow all over the carpet and managed to grab my plate in the nick of time.
by the24across February 17, 2010
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The act of riding one's nose of nasal debris using only a nose, a lung and a finger.
Can be summarised in 3 quick and easy steps:
1. Block left nostril
2. Tilt head to the left slightly (to avoid debris)
3. Blow. Hard.
Repeat process for right nostril. Then repeat until mucus has been ejected from nasal cavity.
If bleeding occurs, consult your crack supplier.
Not blowing hard enough will result in mucus swinging back to hit you in the lip, cheek or possibly chin.
Not recommended for use in overly public or indoor areas.
Billy didn't have a tissue handy, but a quick bushman's blow was all that he needed to rid himself of that pesky snot flow.
by coryinc September 26, 2006
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