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A person that is often thought of as stuck up, rich, or to good for them self.
1. I'm not tryna deal with that BUSHEE bitch thats gonna treat me like a dog.

2. "Pants Hangin Off Me now Cause My Pistol Heavy (Hood)
I Ain't Spoke To You Yet Dawg, Cause I Ain't Friendly
I Drank Yak Ya'll Drink Cris
I Like Pussy Handy don't Want That BUSHEE Bitch" - Plies "Im so hood"
by S.E.C. September 03, 2007
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a small child. Usually blonde and very impressionable. Easily lead by older role-models. Wears ugly clothes and, if a girl, has terrible make up and accessories.
Roubicca was very angry that the small bushee child wouldn't leave her alone.
by Jack June 18, 2006
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