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the anoyying jackass who scrapes into every conversation when it is obvious to everyone but him that he is not wanted. they think they are hilarious and they laugh at their own jokes when they arent funny. they also insult people openly at inappropriate times with no regard for anyones feelings
"that guy is such a bush-head"
by Mcgroob March 20, 2009
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A person possessing a wild and untamable "bush" atop their head, often a demon nincompoop and a skilled sandwich maker. To use this term properly, one must precede this noun with some sort of vulgar adjective. Bush heads are not to be confused with Jew-fros, which are the more visually appealing and all-around better version.
Jessica: OMG i totally tripped up the stairs after making you a sandwich.
Devon: Seriously, why are you such a demon bush head?
by GingerSnaptheSouless June 01, 2011
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