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Automotive registration expiration or registration tag that is close to the date president bush gets kicked out or is made to step down from office (i.e. the closer to the exact removal date the better the bush tag). You can play bush tag with friends and other drivers when driving behind others, the one who spots the bush tag closest to the exact removal date is the winner.
Car owner: I just got my March 2008 bush tag from the department of transportation for the Ferrari, by that time president bush will no longer be president.

Passenger in the car: Well I just spotted a November 2007 bush tag on that pinto, he will not be president in November because I will have voted for a real president by then.

Car owner: Oh yeah, I just saw a December 2007 on that pickup, he is almost out the office by then, I win the game of bush tag!
by BobBreton April 02, 2006
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