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Slang for "Hayabusa", as in the Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle, also called the GSX-1300R. The Hayabusa (at the time of writing this) is the world's fastest motorcycle in a straight line speed contest, due to it's very large and powerful engine. However, due to it's large engine and high weight which equate to poor handling, it is unpopular for road racing. The Hayabusa is popular for drag racing (due to it's speed) and is popular amongst squid, who don't care about handling anyway.
Check out my new busa! I was goin' 150 down clearview drive this morning!
by Pymp November 02, 2003
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A Busa is a silly mustache that makes its wearer especially opinionated and unreasonable.
Check out the fucking busa on that guy.

Don't listen to Joe, that's just the busa talking.

He is such a goddamn busa, I can't believe he said that shit.
by joint stock company May 19, 2009
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