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1. The ability for a person to remain upright and not stumble after a bus has departed, the departure being unbeknownst to the person because he/she has turned away from the bus driver after having paid the fare.

2. The ability to remain upright and not stumble while standing in a moving bus.
You can tell that Fred doesn't have his bus legs because he almost ate shit after he got on.
by The Anonymous Rho September 10, 2008
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Whilst riding the bus one must have "bus legs". Bus legs are very much like sea legs but refer to ones stability while riding a bus standing up. Someone who has great bus legs can ride the bus while standing and not need to anchor his weight on anything but the floor.
I-(falls down when bus begins motion)
A-"Gee wilikers, what happened?"
I-"I stayed up very late, so I am very fatigued."
A-"Don't worry you'll get your bus legs back soon."
by WiTeFoRd September 26, 2007
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leg strength that allows you to remain in one spot while standing on a public bus, and avoid possible falls or injuries during sudden stops or turns

lack of Bus Legs may result in a loss of footing while holding the rail and accidentally giving a stranger a lap dance
*Bryan falls on stranger's lap*

"Bryan, where are YOUR bus legs at?!"
by vnb3 April 03, 2014
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