Buprenorphine, or pills containing it. Used in treatment of opioid addiction. Or sold illegally for recreation.
Sometimes 'bute'.
That guy at the probation office has a script for 80 bupes a month!
by Anonymous0 April 1, 2007
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Beautiful. Selfless. Marshmallowey. She's more precious than all the diamonds in the world. She's an absolute gift to the universe. Needs to be treasured because of such. Patient and kind. Did i mention beautiful? She cares when she doesn't have to. She puts the colour inside of my world. Brave. Funny for days. She's incredible though she doesn't always see it. Impossible not to love.
Person 1: Hi

Person 2: You're beautiful and deserve only good things in life. Here's some of my sparkle. I like you so i'll share.

Person 1: You're so nice. You must be a Bupe Marshmallow.
by Georgia Peachloving February 2, 2011
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When there's hair growth around the nipples. A natural occurrence for all genders. Also referred to as boob pubes.
Have you ever lost a stiffy taking off a bra? She had some black and thick bupes.
by 1tank99 January 8, 2018
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