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1. Directions given that end up being incorrect or roundabout.

2. Placing one's buttocks on the car steering wheel, and using this as a method for navigating the car.
"Let me tell you the way" Bob said. Five minutes later, when Bob led them down a dead end street, he realised he'd taken his party on a bit of a bumsteer.

by lauzypants March 31, 2009
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Australian term either meaning to lead astray or a way of describing taking a girl from behind
i.e. when she looks round at you with that confused look on her face, you say "Keep your eyes on the road - I'm steering this, bitch"
by Paul Hansford February 23, 2005
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Used to discribe something stupid, idiotic,overrated and/or something/one that cheats. 95% of the time refering to University of Texas.
Andrew: UT is the greatest!
Jenny: Are you kidding me, they have a bum steer of a women's basket ball team. Baylor beats them every year.
by Darth_`Eowyn November 02, 2006
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A little steer given from behind to manipulate or confuse, A prank.
I was told to come to this adress for the party but no one's home, what a bumsteer.
by Mike January 10, 2005
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