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A chillout session after a party or other major event; usually in the afternoon.
1. Jun I'm soo sick of partying - is there gonna be a bumpout after this?

2. Jun are you gonna come to the bumpout?
by Dukeee August 17, 2007
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The word 'Bumpout' is used to describe someone or something letting you down in someway.
"Collis isn't turning upto football again! What a bumpout!"
"Miller passed out again! Why did he drink everyone drinks!Big time Bumpout!"
"I would go out with that girl but i heard she was abit of a bumpout in the bedroom"
"Look laity face.. he been bumpedout by arsenal yet again"
"You F-ing bumpout, im going to smack you right on the bell-end"
by Paul Kenneth Kent December 13, 2007
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