a fat lazy shit who does nothing but finger himself and fap to porn all day nonstop and does jack shit until 4 am
man that guy is a real bump drafting
by cheeseman2020 June 9, 2020
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Generally used in motorsports, bump drafting is to stay very close behind another car to the point of touching the rear bumper, to gain and maintain speed. Related to slipstreaming
That's a shit racer, he keeps on bump drafting all day long
by Garf March 22, 2022
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A kind person who often gives back to the community they are apart of.
Man That Guy Is as cool as Bump Drafting.
by SkuIIy May 4, 2021
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Sex in the men's room at a NASCAR race during a yellow caution flag.
See that chick over there... we were bump drafting after that wicked crash on turn three.
by DoorJumper November 12, 2009
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