The act of using a key to snort a drug. The drug is spooned onto the key and the placed near the nostril for inhalation.
"Hey, Lohan is inviting us to go do a key bump with her in the john."
by Revanche June 20, 2006
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What you get when your homies are stingy with the bag.

Hitter: "Yo, lay me out a phatty."

Pitcher: "Nah man, I'm just doing key bumps."
by shimmy shimmy coco pop August 21, 2007
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A dude that works in the office with the most annoying nervous habit, and it looks like he's doing key bumps to act that way!
Kill- "Bro, Key Bump Dave is on a roll today!"

Jeff- "I know that bitch is annoying as fuck!"
by Kill1349 March 25, 2009
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When one person snorts a line and spits the drip into another person's mouth while both people are wearing Adidas track suits.
I watched to yugoslavian male strippers do a Chechen key bump last night. I'm a different person.
by DERDZ November 12, 2020
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