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an unemployed person that has a habit of dropping by without calling first
Phil always seems to bumdrop when it's dinner time! Every time we score some good weed, that David guy bumdrops!!
by Elle T & Daniel M (superdog) October 07, 2011
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The act of taking hard drugs via inserting them into your anus for immediate pleasure.
I love it when my boyfriend and I go to brighton and bum drop some squizz.
by squizzyboy September 04, 2008
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The act of putting a narcotic pill up ones rectum.

Derives from suppositories used in the medical profession.

An act usually performed by bummers, themselves.
Dan did a double bumdrop with two E's last week.
by AndyM August 13, 2004
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When you have beer cans left over from a party and you drop them off at the nearest dumpster for the bums.
Dude we got to do a bum drop.
by Jer Clark April 04, 2008
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