A term for a large woman's anus cheeks. Used by a man who is excited by the size of them.
"Talk about bum cakes, my girl's got 'em." - Spinal Tap
by Geoff L. August 05, 2005
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-An expression of great flattery

-A very appealing badonkadonk

-The act of anal romance
1) Jared: "BUM CAKES!"

2) Erin: "Wow, talk about bum cakes!"

3) Kels: "How were the bum cakes?"
Erin: "A little tough...but sweet!"
by xerinnn December 16, 2007
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any pastry created from unconventional materials most often prepared and eaten under the influence of marijuana
Greg and Steve were so potted out that they made bum cakes out of potato rolls and rainbow chip frosting to quench their munchies
by Dick Swett June 17, 2008
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When Something doesnt go right when your cooking. This may be when you fail and burn the food or when you hurt yourself with a Kitchen Item.

This may also be used as a alternative to messing up or saying bollocks.
Oh, Pickled Bum Cakes i broke the friggin computer.
by Choclate Fireguard October 15, 2011
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