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Any bullshitter claiming to be involved in a company, corporation, partnership, et cetera and/or claiming to be an investor in stocks, commodities, bonds, et cetera. Usually used to bed a woman, but also to get inept and submissive people to bow to them.
loser: Yeah I'm looking everyday, for something new to invest my money in.

Me: Oh, you day-trade?

loser: No. I have my money in a mutual fund. I was looking to invest my money in a restaurant franchise. Me and my wife are going to look at property today.

winner: That'll be around a million for high traffic real estate, a million to purchase a franchise, plus your going to have to ante up to whomever owns any exclusivity rights, plus you have to...

loser: It shouldn't be that much. My friend that makes mad money, selling time shares, he found me the property.

Me: Mad money?

loser: Like thirty grand a month in the summer.

Me: Sounds like your impoverished friend is a bit of a bullshitnessman, such as yourself.

loser's wife: Come to think of it, you haven't done thing business-wise since I've known you. That's why I have a hard time getting wet for you.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic May 31, 2011
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