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the amount of information needed about a topic in order to be able to bullshit a conversation or answer a question about it about it and have everyone think you actually know what you're talking about
Guy A: How did you talk to Alexandra last night about Harry Potter? I didn't think you read those books?
Guy B: I didn't, but I saw some of the movies and remember hearing my friends talking about the series that I had enough info to get past the bullshit threshold and make some jokes about the series to her.

Student A: You don't own the book for the class, how did you know about Edmund Randolph?
Students B: Guess I read enough of the Constututional Convention wikipedia article that I reached the bullshit threshold about it.
by td0109 October 10, 2011
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The amount of bullshit someone will put up with or tolerate before saying fuck it and walking away.
This guy Marc was whiney and kept losing his temper, so I said fuck it I'm out.

That's because you have a low bullshit threshold.
by JFeezy403 June 24, 2016
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