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Milder form of the word bullshit, sometimes used in a joking manner.

1. noun. - Something that isn't right or just.
2. Verb. - To shoot the breeze; the act of bulljiving.
1. Murray lost my copy of Stank Hoes Monthly? Man, that's bulljive.

2. I had to give a presentation today, and i just bulljived my way through it.
by Daniel Reedy February 18, 2004
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Incorporation of the term 'bull shit' and the word 'jive'. This was a popular term used in the late 60's, all of the 70's and fell out of use in the 80's due to lack of soul in the middle class.
That is bull-jive,mo-fro!
by LRDORNG January 17, 2004
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