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bullis frehsmen are the down fall of the insititution we call the bullis school
1. they ABUSE fake tanner like none other they have not mastered the mystic
2. you can find any 1 of them at any time in the back of a steamed up juniors car giving dome (see st albans mixers as well
3. SOME GIRLS WHO SHALL REMAIN UNNAMED deem that it is neccesary to hook up w/ 10+ boys at said st ablans mixer jsut to prove how easy they are
4. they think theyre pretty FLY when they ALL wear ugg boots and pink northfaces while playing non beast lax after school in the hallway
5. when they dont wear 16ozs of makeup to school everyday they look liek HAGS (see anastasia)
6. the boys ALL THINK THEY B BALLIN but when we all know they will have to perform sexual favors for male professors at MK to pass (as will 78% of the girls)....(but the girls do it voluntarily)
OH LOOK!! its a bullis freshmen wearing uggs and a pink northface while giving a junior DOME!!
by bullis seniors February 17, 2005
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the freshman boys are gay... look at Zach Zimmer the biggest, ugliest fag at bullis, tries to fit in with the girls but they all know hes nothing and is gay... then elliot, can only get ass from ugly white girls, cant even get a black girl, then he gets rejected 3 times in one night, everyone knows hes a fag and no1 likes him, he also tries to molest people... now the girls, biggest sluts around, ruin the schools reputation, Aylssa, first, dirtiest and nastiest slut in DC and thinks it awesome, shes a professional at head and thinks shes cool, no1 likes u for u, they jus want head... erica and jen are tied for second, erica is pretty hott and every1 gets wit her, jordan cant do anyhting bout it but tries, jen is jus ewww... the freshman are the reason the bullis school is going down the drain...
STA:look at it, bullis hoes
Landon: sluts from bullis, they sweat our nuts
by Bullis '06 February 25, 2005
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Bullis= hopeless

the freshmen girls are whores. the four worst are Allysa( who is the queen of head), Jen( who is know to make out with guys whe she doesn't even know their names), erica (the who of Spankings and grinding), and Kimy( who seems to be to poor to buy a skirt and pants that are not to small, but has enought money to go from a curly haired brunett to a sraight haired blonde) the incrowd of girls are all whores with to much money. All of other grades talk about the head they get from the freshmen girls.

The popular boys are tottal losers who do nothing but run around screaming beast and trying to hang around the black kids. They seem to know nothing and act like they own the school because they can play afew sports.
Jen: i don't want to suck him again he tasted funny
Kim: but if you do, you will be a in with us.
Jen: ok, I like dick anyway.
by the truth 117 March 01, 2005
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Wow, how far we've come. We're essentially the greatest class Bullis has ever seen. With most of the class headed off to Amherst, Harvard, Northwestern, UPenn, Georgetown, or Emory, we clearly can't be beat academically. And socially, well, we've all be damn hot all four years, it just took our girls some time to get some class. The girls mentioned above have become amazing girls.
Landon 08: "Damn, wish we had been bullis freshmen 08, maybe we'd be hot."
STA 08: "Crap, my parents spent all that money getting me into some shit school when I could have been a Bullis 08'er and actually accomplished something."
by Bullis08 August 13, 2008
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