when you think a song is good, most of time referred to reggae songs.
(Bob Marley-Redemption Song playing) and then the dj stops it.

Crowd: Play bak that tune again. Bullet Bullet!
by Da Raja June 4, 2009
A jamaican term for bad thing or you are doing something wrong
wow you are wack you gets the bullet bullet
by ShottaQ February 23, 2007
A disease that commonly affects those without knowledge of Carribean dancehall/reggae terms. The disease generally affects those who have heard the term "bullet bullet!" once, and believe that it applies to everything in every possible situation. The person uses the term in every possible instance around a Carib person, angering them, even if unintentionally. The disease affects mostly caucasian people unable to understand the significance of the term, but affects people of all races who do not understand, though they are less likely to use it. It can also affect Caribbeans who are out of touch with their culture. The disease is prominant among mixed communities in which people of other cultures are likely to be exposed to some form of dancehall or other Caribbean music, coming across the term in song or being sung and repeated by someone who heard the song.
Caribbean: Bad Man you diss you get bullet bullet!!
White Guy: (That sounds cool)

(Carib guy sees white guy later)
Carib: Bro, my mom just died man..
W.G.: (sullen) Aww man, bullet bullet.
Carib: (infuriated) WHAT DID YOU SAY?!
W.G.: (scared) Bullet bullet?
Carib:(accent) Me ago show youh bullet bullet! (Chases after white man with gun and shoots him in the leg)
Random Jamacian: Whitey here has Bullet Bullet Syndrome. Call an ambulance.
by 6_Shotz January 18, 2008
; a phrase which describes a appealing or uplifting moment that has occurred.
KYLE: Yo Danny!! I just got laid last night to the hottest fresh slice at school.
DANNY: Sick tingz ya dig bullet bullet
by namezKY June 16, 2011