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when your friend is at your house playing the call of duty campaign on super easy mode, and the character has like 1200 bullets for his m4, since its impossible for one guy to carry that many bullets, the bullet bitch is another guy following him with a wheelbarrow with a over a thousand rounds and like 20 grenade launcher shells.
holy shit man you have 1132 bullets for the m4? your bullet bitch must be having a hard time carrying all that shit
by seafore September 27, 2010
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What you call someone who is playing Mario Kart and uses a bullet bill to get out of last place.
player 1: Dude, You're so far behind.
*Player 2 gets bullet bill and moves from 12th to 5th*
Player 1: Awww booo!! You're such a bullet bitch.
by SquidGuts July 10, 2008
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