The relationship between jughead jones and betty cooper on Riverdale and in the Archie comics. Beautiful, compassionate, and lovely crime solvers.
Person: "Hey do you ship bughead?"

Everyone: "Of course! They belong together!"
by tianna193529 March 22, 2017
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the realtionSHIP name for betty and jughead on riverdale. they are the most perfect, couple ever and they are soooo endgame:)
ashley: what’s your favorite ship on riverdale ?
me: obviously bughead! who else would it be??
by ur_mom6969 February 27, 2018
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bughead is the ship of jughead and betty from riverdale. the show is on thursday nights on CW
i personally dont ship anyone else but bughead.
by uijrae January 25, 2018
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-the B E S T ship E V E R
-between jughead and betty from riverdale
-look so cute together
-it is endgame
me: bughead is ENDGAME
by alliepty May 28, 2018
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only the greatest ship of all time in riverdale between betty and jughead.and they have the cutest heart eyes for each other
girl1: did you see the vughead kiss?
girl2: yeah it was disgusting. Bughead is OTP
by lumaxisotp September 19, 2018
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a bughead is a largely rolled joint,coned,uncrased,roched perfectly with a little twist...,clippaz,grindahhhh,roachieese
bughead= long,fat,smooth,smells nices,rolls nice
by roacheese October 10, 2007
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Person: Do you ship bughead?
Me: Of course they are endgame!!
by Queen_Maabe December 4, 2018
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