A bag,kit,or vest that a person carries on or near their person,in the event of a natural disaster,civil uprising,war,or any other event that dictates that you leave the area ASAP.These bags typically contain survival gear,food,water,weapons,etc.
When the riots started,I grabbed my bug out bag,and hit the road.
by mohctep August 11, 2006
A Bug Out Bag is essentially a survival kit prepared in advance, and pre-packed in a type of bag for fast retreival in emergency situations. Bug Out Bags, also known by the abbreviation BOB, are often packed to allow 72 hours* of self-sustainability in the event that individuals must leave the home and proceed to an alernate location- hence the "bug out". Bug Out Bags are typically built to meet user needs. A Bug Out Bag built for survival in a frigid climate and one built for survival in a hot climate will contain different items, but they will have some in common as well. All Bug Out Bags contain first aid kits, means for water purification, a fire source, a light source, and calorie-dense foods.

Bug Out Bags are becoming more common in society, specifically because of recent natural disasters that interrupted continuity of local governments and civillian-supply chains.

*Disaster management agencies recommend keeping at least 72 hours of supplies on hand as a minimum; individuals may choose to keep more, check with your local disaster management agency for advice.
They say the hurricane is going to flood the city! Grab your Bug Out Bag and lets head to high ground!

I keep a Bug Out Bag in my car during the winter, just in case we get stuck in a storm and need wait a few days for help.
by Signore Bianco July 21, 2011
A pack be it small or large one would keep close by loaded with essentials of survival. Urban and Rural Bug-out bags may differ in contents but will be used during and for the same event.

Joe- Dude why did you spend $500 dollars on that nasty ass dehydrated food from eFoods.com?

Russ- Well, when the biological bomb goes off as an act of false flag terror by our own government to rape us of more liberties and send us to FEMA camps for our Vaccines Im grabbing my M4 500rounds and my Bug-out Bag stocked with food, rope a space blanket and my Kobe Tai synthetic ribbed anus and vagina and heading to the hills in Grizdale.

Joe- Is it the vibrating anus or just synthetic pocket pussy?
by Russ T January 22, 2009