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a form of pants like clothing in which the waist band is made of elastic for easy expansion of the abdomen.
hey ross lets put our buffet pants on and go the the chinese restaurant.
by jay duncan August 22, 2005
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Pants worn in anticipation of a rather ginormous meal. These pants normally have an elastic waist for extra tummy room.
random family member: Hot dog! Grandma's cooking sunday dinner! She's making like a 3 course meal!

you: Oh, it's a good thing I wore my buffet pants today.

random family member: You are such a fat lard.
by shortyjordy January 14, 2009
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clothing that would be worn when going to eat at a all you can eat buffet, the pants would have an elastic waistline for easy expansion of the abdomen area.
hey nathan lets put our buffet pants on and go to the the chinese restaraunt.
by jay duncan September 08, 2005
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Adjustable waist pants suitable for comfort after a large meal
Christie, after having gorged at a Vegas buffet, lamented that she wore skinny jeans and not her buffet pants.
by Melvin S March 23, 2019
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