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A poor ass town in Ohio full of dirty hicks and nothing to do. The only restaurants in town are fast-food and your considered wealthy if you can afford to shop at Peebles, which is like a mini JcPenney.
Bucyrus is a poor, dirty town.
by It.Girl February 25, 2008
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A diverse community full of rednecks, gang-bangers, average white people, and stuck up asians. Where the band geeks are the badasses, and your drug dealers are white. Unless you have a constant source of income, other than welfare, you probably don't have all your teeth. The only source of entertainment is the Walmart, where you see many family renunions around the doorway and three hundred pound people. If Bucyrus could be described in one word it would be normal, well for Ohio anyway.
You seem cool but somewhat illiterate, where are you from?

by Know_MyMILLS June 03, 2014
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