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the buckle is a clothing store known for its notoriously good customer service, so a game was invented where one must either walk to the end of the store and touch the back wall, or go all the way in, then out, without being spoken to by any employees of the store.
The Buckle challenge is a near-impossible endeavor.
by Craig von Jackson September 11, 2006
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A game played at malls where one person must walk into The Buckle, touch the back wall, and exit the store without an employee talking to them.
"Dude, I just beat the Buckle Challenge! It took me three tries."
by Jasutin RP. October 01, 2008
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the task of walking thru The Buckle (or a similar trendy clothing store) from the entrance to the back wall and back to the entrance without having a salesperson talk to you the entire way through
by Taine October 10, 2003
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