A dance move the originated on TikTok. It is where you take two hands as if you are pulling a seat belt and pull across to the side of your hip. The whole action looks like you are putting a seat belt on.
“Did you see how Zack hit the buckle?” “Yeah that was pretty sick”
by easternfont August 10, 2019
"What are you two doing back there?"
"We're buckling!"
"So that's what the kids call it these days!"
by turdinpunchbowl November 3, 2014
adjective - To be incapacitated due to a variety of factors, most of which involve alcohol.
"Man, Alfonse is stumbling all over the place...he's really buckled."
by El Jefe February 9, 2004
this nigga buckled at the foul line wit 2 seconds left and airballed it
by Griff July 2, 2004
"no way, I think she's buckled!"
by RSR July 23, 2005
The act of releasing vile waste.
Be careful, Kyle just Buckled in there.
by Ace February 17, 2005
very unfourtunate looking.
Damn, that chick is buckled.
by Ryan Schroer August 16, 2005