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A hairless growth never found on women. Also the last name of Ted, the lawyer from Scrubs
"What's a Buckland?" --Ted
by JNNC August 9, 2006
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Becoming inebriated to the point that one is insensible and one's partner is massively fucked off.
Oh Shit. I think I went Bucklanding last night.
by tweeskoene May 11, 2012
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A predominantly hairless growth that's never found on women; inspired by Scrubs' own, Teddy Buckland
'Whats a...Buckland?'
by McLeanCooper May 18, 2010
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An insult (sometimes self depreciating) referring to an individual failing at several related or unrelated tasks within a short period of time.
"Oh no, I proper bucklanded those essays"
"Watch as Eve bucklands once again..."
by Roflcopters2009 April 13, 2009
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The very amazing guitarist of Coldplay.
The one who wears the swagger hat.
His worst enemy is the sheep.
Chris Martin: look there's a sheep!
Jonny Buckland: RUN!
by DoctorFosterGloster42 July 3, 2014
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The one albino that cares about everyone and will always have your back, he isn't the cutest but he know the wamens bodies
Cutter Buckland isn't that cute
by ThiccBoi? May 3, 2018
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