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A usually cheap home made device that enables the user to smoke pot, grass, gunga, weed,etc.
The device uses water presure to force air/fire over pre-chopped marijuana placed(packed)in a conical shape made of metal.
Usally consisting of a a cutoff plastic bottle placed inside a container such as a bucket that has been filled with water to near capacity.

Also called a bucket bong!

Best way to smoke pot.!!!!!!

Also refered to as a Bucket, Buckets etc.
Orignally created in Brisbane Australia (many Quarters ago)though has been modified by devotees in various other countries.
Closest device resembling the workings of the bucket is the "hydro" , "Aqua" or "Aqua Billy". Which uses a bottle with a hole in the bottom, same principle in the workings of each device.

See one beeing used in the film "He Died with a felafel in his hands" Australian movie.
Some people have bucketbilly's for breakfast.
Come to my place for a bucket billy.
They love to smoke buckets everyday.
A Bucketbilly a day will keep the doctor away....

by Benjamin Werner February 02, 2006
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