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Also called ef-pea (f.p.)

Fudge packer, someone who packs fudge. Not at the chocolate factory, well maybe at a kind of chocolate factory.

Derogatory comment about being Gay.
Reference to someone who participates in anal sex.

Was used alot in the 80's, best example is from the movie "No Apparent Motive" starring Charlie Sheen, When the two cops discussing a murder that had occured at the "ENDZONE", a nightclub.

Also called ef-pea (f.p.)
Cop says to the other cop:
The ENDZONE, not a bad name for a fudgepacker bar.

I wouldn't mind packinn his/her fudge!
by Benjamin Werner February 02, 2006

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A usually cheap home made device that enables the user to smoke pot, grass, gunga, weed,etc.
The device uses water presure to force air/fire over pre-chopped marijuana placed(packed)in a conical shape made of metal.
Usally consisting of a a cutoff plastic bottle placed inside a container such as a bucket that has been filled with water to near capacity.

Also called a bucket bong!

Best way to smoke pot.!!!!!!

Also refered to as a Bucket, Buckets etc.
Orignally created in Brisbane Australia (many Quarters ago)though has been modified by devotees in various other countries.
Closest device resembling the workings of the bucket is the "hydro" , "Aqua" or "Aqua Billy". Which uses a bottle with a hole in the bottom, same principle in the workings of each device.

See one beeing used in the film "He Died with a felafel in his hands" Australian movie.
Some people have bucketbilly's for breakfast.
Come to my place for a bucket billy.
They love to smoke buckets everyday.
A Bucketbilly a day will keep the doctor away....

by Benjamin Werner February 02, 2006

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Australian version of "emo".
Emo music produced or made in Australia. (b.werner)
Blink 182 etc play a style that is refered to as emo music, Emu is really the same music just produced in Australia.
An Emu is also a large Native Australian flightless bird (like an ostrich).
by Benjamin Werner December 04, 2005

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