by Nigeriaboi123 September 9, 2020
An abbreviation For by the way

It is pronounced- bee-tee-dubs
Those are nice shoes btw
by QWERTYdefinitions October 31, 2018
Balls to the Wall Scale. A measurement based soley in testosterone on how extreme something or someone is or is not. The lowest being -1 and the highest being 32.
The Ford Pinto = -1 BTWS
Driving a Pinto on the Highway = 32 BTWS
Coming up with the BTWS = 32
Not knowing what the BTWS is = -1
by ricekraker November 14, 2007
Chat with random people .com
Person: Hey ;)
Oppa: Hi

Person: Wanna hang ;)
Oppa: No I'm 8 and your going to jail btw
by AKCT April 14, 2016
A word meaning "by the way" it's used by condescending cunts and ignorant whores.
Becky: BTW those shoes are ugly

Jack: *pulls out gun and shoots her in the face*
by Whateverbyeeee April 2, 2018