big time nadippu(acting)
It took a long time to realize that she was btn.
by MTfollower August 12, 2019
guy 1: How about her?
guy 2: She's a btn.

Pronounced "Button"
by Devlin November 22, 2005
Better than not. It is the required response to qgt (Quite good though).
'My mate just got shot!'

'Oh no! That's terrible'

'Quite good though!'

'Better than not'
by flandrews November 14, 2004
short for "between"
Can you tell the difference btn those 2 cars?
by Will L June 9, 2005
Btn is the short cut of “BRUH THIS NI*GA
by Geddi December 7, 2019
Derived from one of Chris Tuckers smart come backs that he made in a movie, BTNS is an abbreviation of Bitches That Need Slappin'.
Mark:Have you met that female foreign exchange student in my Drama class?

Mike:The one who flipped out of the teacher yelling her foreign gibberish?

Mark:Lol Yeah.

Mike:I wouldn't be surprised if she got transfered out of that class.

Mark:That girl needs to apply for one of those BTNS classes.
by Bean Frizzo April 11, 2007