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Vulgar description of a male who has a high propensity for poking girls in the ass during foreplay and/or sex.
"It's really disturbing how Karl always tries to put his finger up my bum before we make love, I don't like it. He's a brownfinger" said Shauna
by Rupert the Bear March 12, 2007
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The resultant color of the finger(s) of a person who has just wiped their posterior after defacating, except they didn't wash their hands with soap and water before leaving the bathroom. Related to "yellow finger", a person who does not wash their hands with soap and water after urinating. A person who lives in Oregon and pees outside is not considered a yellow finger if they do not wash up after urinating since their are no sinks handy and a real man does not pee all over his hand no mater where he pees. An office worker who doesn't wash up is always a yellow finger.
"Man, did you know Joe is a brown finger? Dude didn't wash his hands after wiping his posterior after defacating"

"Damn, Steve is a yellow finger and a brown finger."

"Damn, Paul needs to go see his gastroenterologist. The freak ruined the flowery smell in the bathroom with his incessant farting and fails to wash his brown fingers post defacation."
by bahooka June 07, 2006
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someone who sticks their fingers up peoples arses
Doctors who specialize in the bowel area, or sickos like rugby player John Hopoate~brown fingers
by bread infection October 22, 2005
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a male who likes sticking his finger up someones asshole. a brown finger can also be caused by holding shat whilst you eat it.
brownfingers tend to be hobo's or street tramps
the ultimate brown finger is a person who's name end's with brown/e
who's that trampish guy over ther
-oh that's rory
he's a right brown finger
by shwatter May 15, 2008
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When at an airport and you use the cheep ass toilet paper to wipe your hinney and the paper is so cheep that you end up with your figer getting brow stuff on it.
Atlanta airport has the such bad toilet paper I ended up with brown finger.
by tomba987 January 22, 2010
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When you go to the bathroom and the toilet paper's quality is dangerously low, causing your fingers to tear it apart and go into your ass while wiping, causing your fingers to be mildly cover with shit.
There was only on square of cheap toilet paper left. I couldn't avoid the brown fingers.
by CoucouFrancishihihi September 25, 2013
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