much like a dirty sanchez, it is when fecal matter is applied to the face in such a way it covers the entire lower jaw and upper lip. it is also typically applied by pirates (homosexual or not) to other sleeping pirates/crewmates/scurvy dogs as a joke. it is punishable by having to walk the plank, getting the shit beaaten out of you, or recieving a brownbeard in an act of revenge from the victim.
"yaaaarrrrr, captain, i gave steve a brownbeard last night! he has no idea!" this is followed by plankwalking and "aaaars" of disapproval, or a hearty round of pirate laughter.
by quintin pruett August 9, 2006
To receive a brownbeard, means that you have been performing oral on your sexual partner, when the partner decides to shit on your face, covering your chin and possibly more of your face. Brownbeards are typically received when the partner is suffering from explosive diarrhea.
'Oh my God I'm so embarrassed, when Jimmy was licking my ass I gave him a brownbeard'
'Hey baby why don't you give me a brownbeard tonight?'
by Lonitwat November 14, 2016
The act of having ones face covered in feces while eating out a girls anus.
While eating out your girlfriends butt while she has the runs, she has a bowel movement on your face covering the face in feces giving the receiver a Colorado-brownbeard
by 1iquidFreshness January 29, 2012