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A satirical response to the commercialization of the "ribbon" phenomenon (i.e. Pink for breast cancer, yellow for the troops). It means:
"Eat shit, motherfucker".

It was proposed by George Carlin
Haven't we gone far enough with this different colored ribbons for different causes? Every cause has it's own color; red for AIDS, pink for breast cancer. I got a brown ribbon. Know what it means? "Eat shit, motherfucker!"
by arbitterm February 25, 2009
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to win the brown ribbon, you must understand two things. it is very much akin to the blue ribbon in a horse show, and it was invented for the Poop Olympics.

the brown ribbon is given to the winner of the longest and firmest shit.
the brown ribbon is a thin slice of nylon ribbon, width of 4 cm. and is sharp to the touchings. each log is lined up in the Log Lineup and one by one one is tried to be cut by the ribbon. the one thewith the most shitsistance (resistance of shit sue to corn ratio or other thing) this one wins it.
it the poop olympiad of brownsville, tx, Irving Logman won the brown ribbon.
it now adornes his fireplace.
by john really brown September 02, 2006
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