a dip of poo, to place feces in the mouth in the same place as a tobacco dip and to use it as such
Tobacco is not allowed in our school so I decided to use a brown pelican.
by Bagarbage Bill November 12, 2004
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The act of anal fucking a female with your balls then having the female give you head with the shit covered balls draping down, resembling a pelican with a brown gullet.
"My night wasn't complete until I pulled the Brown Pelican"
by Mike bob January 5, 2007
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When a person shoves a fish (of any species, size, etc) into their anus (ass, anal cavity, rectum, poopshoot, etc) -- then proceeds after some time, preferably after the fish has been in long enough to collect anal matter, to "poop" or "Feed" the fish to another person. Reception of the fish should be oral.


A restaurant in Santa Barbara
Teri and I met a great guy at the club who introduced us to the Brown Pelican -- afterward I really regretted it.
by FawksRawks March 7, 2010
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pulling out your bottom lip (like a pelican), and having your partner shit in your mouth while flapping his or her arms and making bird noises
Dude, did you hear about the wicked awesome brown pelican Tyrese gave Sarah Kropp?
by Zorro49 September 10, 2006
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