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The perspective of a bro, often wiser than one's own judgment primarily because the bro is not involved in the situation.
Friend: yo dude, whats your brospective on that girl in our chem class?

Bro: you've got no chance, you gotta stop chasing her.
by Ebok24 July 08, 2009
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A perspective or insight provided by a bro to another bro often times concerning a poor choice or decision made by the fellow bro. Brospective is used to maintain a "bro" mentality and make certain that everything stays chill.
Justin: "From my brospective your girl is F***n psycho, and she's the only reason we cant chill anymore"

TJ: "Nah man.......its cool."
(its not cool)
by brochillington July 25, 2011
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