A term to describe a woman's right breast.
Sarah: One of my boobs is bigger...
Bob: Which one is it?
Sarah: The right one!
Bob: Ah, your broob it is then!
by iTomato June 06, 2010
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"Hey bro, can I touch your boobs" - bro 1
"Yeah of course, they're broobs" - bro 2
by meowal July 10, 2014
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A word to describe a womans' chest, which is more formal than boob and less technical than breast. Breast and boob combined.
by Molly-Jo August 03, 2008
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A bribe consisting of a flash and/or female chest exposure.
You totally wouldn't have gotten that word if you hadn't used your broobs.
by jabstrordinary January 15, 2011
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