A Bronco Trolley is Homestar Runner's favorite after school snack. It is made by spreading peanut butter on a Triscuit and topping it with a slice of orange. The rhind stays on the slice of orange.
Homestar likes Bronco Trolley's almost as much as he likes Fluffy Puff Marshmellows; they go great with 32 glasses of marmalade.
by jdallman September 8, 2003
A Bronco Trolley is Homestarrunner's favorite after-school snack. It is made by spreading peanutbutter on a triscuit, and then topping it off with a slice of orange.
"Hey mum would you like to try one of the Bronco Trolleys that i just made?"
by Ryan Goetz January 2, 2004
Dude, wise up. It's peanut butter and a slice of orange on a triscuit, not a saltine.
by ng March 31, 2003