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The only way to describe this word would be to say your heart is literally in pain, it feels like someone is squezzing your heart and you cant breath. This pain comes from someone breaking your heart. ( Maybe from a past relationship that didnt end right or your gf/bf cheating on you and leaving you for some unknown reason ) One of those feelings that seem to never go away. Every single thing around you ends up reminding you of that person who once said they loved you. Apparently they dont anymore and your coming to reality that they probably never did. Its not just a mental feeling its also physical, because when it happens you feel this horrible pain right where your heart is. Its like your heart is actually breaking, and I honestly think it is.. Everytime your alone you just feel like breaking down, and when your out with friends if "that" persons name is mentioned you automatically just shutdown. You cant think strait and you feel so lost. All in all its probably one of the worse types of pain or hurt you can be in, because you know there is nothing you can do about it.
Me = Brokenhearted
by HeatherLeigh April 29, 2012
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How you feel when the person that you love just wakes up one day and decides that "Hey, I'm gonna dump her/him today." And you just can't help but think that it's your fault, even when it really isn't, and you feel depressed and mad at the world. Therefore, you turn to any person around you for support. And since you're not over the person you love, you expect the "Oh, he'll go back out with you" speech. But NO! They think you're over him like that, and they go to the "He's an asshole, you deserve better" speech. But you want them back so badly, its not even funny.
I fell in love with him, but now, I'm just broken hearted. It feels like that relationship was worth nothing to him.
by glassxrose May 29, 2007
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The worst thing you could ever do to someone. It's a feeling of love, hate, depression, anger, & anxiety all at once. It's the feeling that puts you in a state you cannot escape. You can't get over him/her/them. You love him/her/them. But you hate them for what they did to you. You want him/her/them back so badly, you just want to kiss or hug or cuddle with or talk to him/her/them without starting another argument. And your friends try to help you out, say that it's all their fault and that you should get over him/her/them. But you can't. The reminder of what you had with him/her/them makes you upset just thinking about it. You could be crying about it for days. Weeks. Months. Years, maybe. You can't get over it. He/She/They has/have broken your heart. Ripped it into a bunch of tiny pieces like a paper shredder.
"Hey, why is Sammy so upset today?"

"She got dumped by George, and now she's broken hearted. Don't talk to her about it. It'll make her more upset."
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by depressionkills February 01, 2016
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The feeling one feels after being rejected. Almost like "heartbroken", but not. Heartbroken is when the other loved you back, at one point or another.
"I feel so brokenhearted because he never loved me."
by finalexistence December 07, 2005
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To be overwhelmed with disappointment and grief from a boyfriend,girlfriend,friend,etc.
Sally was broken hearted when she found out John cheated on her.
by Gerard Irick August 08, 2007
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When you feel the urge to poop. walk all the way down the hallway to the restroom. prop your sweet little cheeks on the seat, and nothing happens.
I thought I had to poop, but when I tried I was broken hearted.
by Wanking the fallen. August 28, 2019
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